KRIB is "the Voice of the Bulgarian Business" that:
       -   produces three quarters of the GDP of the country
       -   provides for over 700 000 jobs
       -   unites over 10 500 companies through collective and individual membership
       -   accounts for more than three quarters of the exports of Bulgaria
KRIB has a mission:
       -    to be most effective in improving the business climate in the country
       -    to assist its members in sharing best business practices
       -    to raise the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy
KRIB is an active partner in the social dialogue:
       -    has representatives on national, sectoral, regional and European level
       -    presents opinions on draft laws in the National Assembly
       -    participates in the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation
KRIB has strong regional and branch structures:
       -    operates 66 regional representations all over the country
       -    unites 55 branch organizations in all big economic sectors
KRIB works with the European funds:
        -    advocates for the increase of the capacity of business
        -    has representatives in the OP Monitoring committees
KRIB acts internationally:
        -    member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC
KRIB is a democratically managed unity with:
        -    rotation of management
        -    mandate limit 2+2 years
        -    decentralization on a branch/sector and regional principle
KRIB wins, because it is:
        -    politically and financially independent
        -    supported only by the membership fee
        -    managed and controlled by its members
KRIB works in partnership with:




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